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From routine checkups and dental cleanings to fillings and other restorative procedures, Sunrise Dental of Lynnwood is a top-ranked provider of general dentistry services for patients in and around Lynnwood, WA. Patients of all ages receive state-of-the-art care based on their unique needs for better oral health at every stage of life.

General Dentistry Q & A

What Happens During a Routine Dental Checkup?

Routine dental checkups begin with a visual examination of the teeth, gums, and other structures of the mouth, followed by a dental cleaning. During the cleaning, the dentist or hygienist will use special instruments and mild abrasives to remove built-up plaque, hard tartar, bacteria, and superficial stains on all surfaces of the teeth, including the areas between teeth and along the gumline. Once the cleaning is complete, patients will receive tips on how to improve their at-home care routine to keep teeth and gums healthier between appointments. Dental x-rays may also be performed. Next, the dentist will carefully examine each tooth looking for signs of decay, and an oral cancer screening will also be performed. Finally, the dentist will discuss any treatment recommendations to help keep the teeth and gums healthy.

What are the Signs of Gum Disease?

In its earliest stages, gum disease often causes no symptoms, which means damage to the gums and teeth can be occurring without any indication. That’s one reason why it’s so important to have checkups and dental cleanings every six months to spot and treat gum disease before it causes serious damage. As gum disease progresses, it can cause bleeding gums, areas of gum tenderness or swelling, receding gums, tooth pain, loose teeth, and eventually tooth loss. In fact, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults in this country.

How is Gum Disease Treated?

Mild gum disease (gingivitis) often can be treated with frequent professional cleanings to remove tartar and bacteria along the gum line. More severe cases of gum disease may require in-depth cleaning methods called root planing and scaling to remove pockets of bacteria below the gum line and around the teeth roots. Deeper cleanings may be performed using local anesthetics or mild sedation. Special antibiotics may also be used during deep cleanings to eradicate bacteria that are difficult to reach and remove with mechanical cleaning techniques.

Are Dental X-Rays Necessary?

Yes, dental x-rays provide very important information about the health of the teeth below the gums and about the bones and other tissues that support the teeth. These areas cannot be adequately evaluated using routine examination techniques and instruments.

Accepted Insurance Providers

At Sunrise Dental of Lynnwood, we are dedicated to our patients' dental health. We accept most PPO insurances to make sure that all of our patients are covered. If your insurance is not listed or if you have any questions, please call our office to see how we can partner with you.

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